In 2011 I was traveling the west coast on a road trip with a good friend. Our first night was spent camping at Beachside State Park near Waldport, Oregon. I woke up before the rising of the sun and walked down the beach with only the soothing rush of the ocean and the faint squawk of a seagull in the distance. It was in that moment that I experienced one of the most profound and surreal moment in my life. I didn’t know how to describe, but I knew that I felt deeply called to this place known as Oregon.

One year later in 2012 I began another west coast adventure, flying to Los Angeles with only what I had in my backpack. I had no plan other than to walk, meet people and discover ways to serve others in need of a genuine human connection, love, peace and compassion. After a few weeks of traveling northward, I arrived at the southern border of the Oregon coast and walked the 360+ miles of Oregon’s coastline. That was my first true introduction to the people of Oregon.

In 2015 I returned to the Oregon coast to being a “pilgrimage of prayer” that would last nearly 3 months, covering about 1000 miles on-foot. My intent was to complete that pilgrimage by establishing a “home base” in Oregon, but the timing had not yet come for me to officially become an “Oregonian.”

In April of 2017, I returned once again to Oregon to do a statewide tour with Pray Oregon, a prayer network of Oregon whom I serve as Online Media Manager. During those two weeks of covering over 3000 miles across the State of Oregon, I was invited to become a staff member at Salem House of Prayer.

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