Day 3: 33 Miles of walking, ending with a luxurious private cabin (Photos)

This is where I slept last night… [See video of the Ecola State Park Hiker’s Camp]

I tallied it up and I walked 33 miles yesterday, an extra 4 because the trail that goes to the hiker’s camp was impassible due to a fallen tree, so I had to do some backtracking to get to a road that would go in the direction of the campground.

A road with both long and steep inclines. Needless to say, I was spent physically, but fully alive spiritually 

As soon I got here I threw my sleeping bag on the wooden bunk-bed slab inside. After a few minutes of deaf-quiet, I began to hear the creatures of the forest walking around. I thought about how years ago that might have alarmed me, but this time it was somehow comforting.

Back on the road for another day…

Here are more photos from 33 miles of walking the Oregon Coast yesterday:

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