The pressure of being in a hurry

Sometimes when I’m walking I catch myself in a hurry. I’m thinking about the destination I’m moving towards and realize I’m putting unnecessary pressure upon myself, which robs me of the enjoyment and experience of where I am walking.

Life can be like that. We live in a culture that sort of trains us to always be looking towards the destination rather than enjoying where we are. As children we eagerly look towards the next birthday or Christmas, and as we grow up it becomes graduating school or getting a great paying job. After we get a job or have a career we are told to begin looking towards retirement.

And so many of us spend our entire lives looking at what’s next, thus we are robbed of truly experience life right now.

Find time to do nothing. To sit, stand or walk in a state of complete presence, completely free of the pressure that can detach your thoughts from fully enjoying where you are now.

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  1. Melanie
    May 01, 2018

    I totally agree. We as a society need to take time to breathe and soak in the quiet moments. Thanks for the reminder!


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