National Foster Care Month Oregon Coast Walk

On May 1 I will start walking the 360+ miles of the Oregon Coast for the entire month of May.

A little over a month ago I decided I wanted to do something to raise awareness for children in need of love and family. I then found out that May is National Foster Care Month and decided to walk and talk about the need for foster families in Oregon and across the US.

Specifically as I walk for the month of May I will be promoting the incredible work of Every Child. Please take a moment to learn about how they are serving and impacting lives at and get connected with them to support their work in whatever way you can.

I am also looking for people, community groups or churches to speak about what I’m doing and foster care with who are on the Oregon Coast. If you know anyone on the Oregon Coast you would like me to connect with and say hello please email [email protected]

If you would like to contribute to support the walk please use the form below. If you would like to support foster care in Oregon please go to and connect with them or donate.

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  1. Annalee
    April 28, 2018

    I love the idea of 24/7 prayer. Although I don’t live in Oregon, I wanted to put a spotlight on Pray Oregon, Salem House of Prayer, and your walk. I did so on
    Be blessed!


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