360 Miles for Every Child

Dylan Raines is walking the 360+ miles of the Oregon Coast from May 1 - May 31 to raise awareness for National Foster Care Month and the need for foster care families in Oregon.

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Dylan Raines is an explorer, minister, musician and technology consultant with a heart to see people come together in unity, overcoming our differences which all-too-often divide us, to truly solve problems, meet the needs of the poor and oppressed and set people free from needless suffering. He believes that the true solution for helping one another in life starts with relationship, compassion and genuine connection - seeing our basic humanity in each other and respecting each other with dignity.

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Day 3: 33 Miles of walking, ending with a luxurious private cabin (Photos)

This is where I slept last night… [See video of the Ecola State Park Hiker’s Camp] I tallied it up and I walked 33 miles yesterday, an extra 4 because the trail that goes to the hiker’s camp was impassible due to a fallen tree, so I had to do some backtracking to get to a road“Day 3: 33 Miles of walking, ending with a luxurious private cabin (Photos)”

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Oregon Candidates for Governor in 2018 Election

On November 6, 2018, Oregonians will vote to elect their Governor. I thought it could be helpful to provide a simple list of who’s running and links to their websites and social media presences in order for you to learn more about the candidates for the next Governor of Oregon. The Republican Party primary is“Oregon Candidates for Governor in 2018 Election”

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