Dylan Raines has a vision to unite the people of the United States for one purpose: End poverty.

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The Mission

We are the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth. Yet we have many problems that need to be solved. I've spent much of my adult life traveling across the USA. I have spent many days walking the streets of our cities and towns to connect with people from all walks of life; to listen to the stories and thoughts in order to discover fundamental solutions for setting people free from poverty and other issues. 

I believe that true solutions to our problems do not come from one individual having the right answer or the right opinion about a particular issue, or even having enough money to "throw at the problem." Real solutions change lives when we come together, putting aside division to join hands and serve people in greatest need of help.

The mission of this campaign is to solve problems by uniting the people of the United States in a common spirit of freedom and service towards our fellow Americans and humanity.

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